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Peculiarities of organizing conferences and business forums in Kyiv during the war: innovation, security and global access to events



In today's world, the organization of conferences and business forums requires flexibility and adaptation to changing conditions. In such emergency situations as war, its importance and significance increase even more. Today we would like to share with you the features of holding such events in Kyiv during military operations, which are managed by the event agency "Pryshchepkin Event-Team".

A location with a bomb shelter: reliable security for participants
One of the key features of organizing conferences and business forums in Kyiv during the war is the choice of locations with a bomb shelter. Using this approach ensures the maximum level of security for all participants. The Pryshchepkin Event-Team organization recommends holding events right in the bomb shelter itself, which allows you to avoid any potential dangers and ensure the safety of participants.

Locations with guaranteed access to electricity and the Internet: infrastructure reliability
Ensuring the stable operation of technical means is one of the most important components of the successful conduct of events during the war. Locations should have multiple electrical outlets, and preferably their own generator, to be prepared for possible power outages. In the case of online broadcasts, an important element is the presence of a Starlink terminal, which provides stable access to the Internet, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting and communication.

Hybrid online-offline format: attracting participants from all over the world
Another important feature is the use of a hybrid event format that combines online and offline components. This allows you to attract participants and speakers from all over the world, who may even be abroad.
The use of popular platforms for online broadcasts, such as Zoom and YouTube, allows for global access to events. This approach expands the possibilities of communication and exchange of ideas, regardless of the circumstances.

Exclusively Ukrainian language: bypass problems and bring participants closer together
Taking linguistic features into account in the organization of conferences in Kyiv during the war plays an important role. The use of exclusively Ukrainian language helps to avoid many problems and bring the participants of the event closer together. Free communication in the native language promotes better understanding, improves communication and creates an atmosphere of togetherness and mutual understanding.

Rejection of the usual pre-war entertainment: focus on effective information exchange
Taking into account the special conditions associated with the war, the Pryshchepkin Event-Team organization recommends abandoning the usual pre-war entertainment, such as a gala dinner with a large entertainment program. By focusing on the effective exchange of information and knowledge, you can create an atmosphere of professionalism and teamwork, which is the main task of conferences and business forums.

Pryshchepkin Event-Team confidently steps into the unknown realities of organizing conferences and business forums in Kyiv during the war, guided by innovation, security and global access to events. Flexibility, creativity and the ability to adapt to changes - these are the key principles that guide the event agency in these important times. Events organized with such attention to detail provide the necessary knowledge sharing and business development, creating a platform for collaboration and building future success.

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