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Online events 2021. Interview for "KP in Ukraine"



Egor Prischepkin (event agency Kiev) about New Year's online events in 2021
Entertainment activities froze until April
"KP" in Ukraine "phoned several event agencies advertising New Year's parties and quest entertainment, but did not get any special information. As soon as it came to the demand for services, the phone said that they had no facts, and promised to give the phone to the director. As you might expect, no one called back.

“There is nothing to brag about,” says event business expert Yegor Prischepkin. - If in the summer it was possible to organize events in open areas, then with the cold weather, as they say, everything was gone. Ukrainian companies can still seek refuge for parties somewhere outside the city, but traditionally large customers - firms with foreign capital - froze all entertainment events until April, and funds allocated for New Year's events were used for other needs.

Egor Prischepkin considers corporate events in the offices of little promising.
- These are the same poorly ventilated areas, like restaurants, which means there is a risk of infection. Many executives, due to the epidemic, will seize the opportunity to save on festivities. And for companies that have social packages, it is all the more unprofitable to pay sick leave and send employees after a corporate party for self-isolation.

Egor Prischepkin believes that online corporate events on platforms can become a healthy alternative to traditional New Year's fun.
which are usually used for business conferences or seminars. The format of such events allows you to reach from 5 to 1000 participants, to connect DJs and animators.
How to have fun on the road
The agency "Prischepkin Event-Team" "KP" in Ukraine "told how an online party might look like.

Each employee of the office "free of charge" (that is, at the expense of the company) receives a parcel with a "New Year's table": wine, jamon, olives, hard cheese, chocolate - something that will not spoil while it goes by mail. Includes a box with a surprise to be opened at "X" hour and ornamental material for contests. If desired, the dress code, thematic makeup and other details are discussed.

At the appointed hour, sweets are laid out in front of the computer, and they are included in the meeting room, the recreation room, at worst - the office of the director of the company. The main thing is to have a tree. The evening is led by the head, the manager, the invited animator. The main thing is that there are only a few people in the room and preferably in sanitary masks.

Further, according to tradition: the leader makes the first toast, and then everyone who wishes proclaims them in turn. Music sounds, riddles are made, jokes and contests are arranged - for which there is enough imagination. Behind-the-scenes animators omit giggles and jokes to spice things up.

An unconditional plus of such a corporate party is the ability to diversify the state table at your own request. And if one of the participants "disconnects" ahead of time, it will not cause problems for anyone.
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